Andy Barclay Back in the Chucky Mix??

Thanks to Kenny22 for doing some great detective work over at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors this weekend! Inside is an email I received from Kenny regarding a Alex Vincent’s (Andy Barclay) return to the Childs Play franchise in Seed of Chucky! This is great news, because it means that things are progressing and hopefully we’ll hear some official word in the next few weeks. Read on for the scooper..
Kenny writes in, “Hey guys, it’s Kenny22 (Mike Kenny) and I found out some great news on Seed of Chucky. I just got back from the Weekend of Horrors Convention in East Rutherford, NJ and I was talking to Alex Vincent (“Andy Barclay”-“Child’s Play I & II”) about ‘Seed of Chucky’ to see if he knew anything about it and surprisingly he told me that he was in talks with Don Mancini – the director of ‘Seed of Chucky’ – about having a cameo in the film or even reprising his role as “Andy Barclay.” I found this to be awesome since Alex stopped acting when he was 13 and it would be great to see the REAL Andy back in action!

What a great scoop! I’m a huge Child’s Play fan, and personally, I’d love to see Alex back in the storyline. Either way, Im so happy it’s finally happening!

Keep watching this site, hopefully our reporter Heidi will have more news from the convention as the week progresses.