‘Zombie Strippers’ Coming April 18, Theater Listings Live

Sony Pictures has given Jay Lee’s Zombie Strippers an official April 18 theatrical release for the film that stars Robert Englund, Jenna Jameson, Roxy Saint, Joey Medina, Shamron Moore, Penny Drake, Jennifer Holland and John Hawkes. If you head on over to the film’s new official website you can check out the play dates and see if it’s coming to a theater near you or just read on for the trailer. When a secret government agency lets out a deadly chemo virus causing the reanimation of the dead, the first place to get hit is Rhino’s, a hot underground strip club. As one of the strippers gets the virus, she turns into a supernatural, flesh-eating zombie stripper, making her the hit of the club. Do the rest of the girls fight the temptation to be like the star stripper, even if there is no turning back?

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Source: Official website