Vanguard Heads Down the ‘Interstate’ This May

We just received word that Interstate, a film by Marc A. Samson (Chief Matte Designer for I Am Legend, Legend of the Silver Surfer, Apocalypto), is arriving on DVD May 27 from Vanguard Cinema. Imagine a trip down Route 66, where drive-ins, eccentric diners, fifties gas stations and neon stripped Tiki motels still stand. This is the backdrop of Interstate; a hallucinatory journey across America into the bleak world of film noir. On his way to Los Angeles to meet his girlfriend, Edgar picks up two suspicious looking teenage sisters; Veronica, a femme fatale nightmare, and Gloria, a quirky acid head obsessed with snapping Polaroid’s. The journey takes a strange turn when Edgar becomes stranded with the girls in a seedy roadside motel. Strange revelations are made and Veronica uncovers Edgar’s grim past and blackmails him for everything he’s got. Click here for trailers, posters, stills and more.

Source: Vanguard Cinema