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Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always Comes to Iphone

The graphic novel from 2005 has now been ported to the Iphone for your reading pleasure. IDW has been at the towards the forefront of digital copies of comics, I have their Metal Gear Solid series on the PSP and love it. More info after the break…
Also if you’re a cheap bastard like myself, it is 99 cents for each book which is much cheaper than buying it in trades.

From IDW
“The Thief of Always is the tale of Harvey Swick, an average boy bored with school until he receives a visit from an otherworldly stranger. Mister Rictus invites Harvey to Mr. Hood’s Holiday House, a child’s paradise where, Rictus declares, Harvey will find everything his heart desires. The Holiday House proves to be all Rictus promised, but Harvey soon discovers that its pleasures come at a heavy price.”



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