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Hell Has Frozen Over: ‘Crossed’ The Latest Comic To Get A Big Screen Adaptation?!



Hurry, somebody put the blindfold back on Ebert before his eyes melt out of his head! Because if the film critic thought that “KICK-ASS” was “morally reprehensible” then he will probably have a coronary in the first 5 minutes of this one. Several news outlets such as, Bleeding Cool and Variety before them, are reporting that series creator Garth Ennis has already penned a script for the adaptation and is shopping it around to directors! Read on for the skinny on the plans to bring “CROSSED” to the big screen! (otherwise known as: yet another reason why Kevin Spacey is ‘the man’)

Here Is An Excerpt From The Article On Variety.com…

“Ken F. Levin has enlisted Michael De Luca, Jason Netter and Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Prods to help independently finance and produce an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ apocalyptic horror comicbook series “Crossed” before shopping it to distributors.

“Crossed,” published by Avatar Press and drawn by Jacen Burrows, revolves around a group of survivors in a world where most people have been possessed by evil incarnate and those who haven’t hide in order to avoid being murdered.

Ennis has already penned a version of the script that is being shown to directors.

“It turns out Garth writes as well for film as he does for comics, which is saying a great deal indeed,” Netter said in a statement. “Garth’s screenplay has just knocked all of us out.”

The Entire Article Can be Read At Variety

I’m pretty sure that this was something no one ever thought would happen. “CROSSED” is EASILY the most depraved piece of comic lit to hit shelves on a world-wide level in years, maybe ever, and a film adaptation would be almost like seeing “CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST” released theatrically. Oddly enough, I’m okay with this. What say you Horse-Cock gang?

They seem pleased. So what say you?


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