Crazy Pakistan Horror Film ‘Hell’s Ground’ DVD Details

Pakistan’s first splatter flick HELL’S GROUND comes in the tradition of Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and delivers spine-tingling thrills when an attractive group of teens pile into a van that runs out of gas in the middle of a dark, mysterious forest. Their ghoulish nightmare begins when rotting, fresh-eating zombies and a decapitated head-toting, screaming banshee-like hitchhiker begin to terrorize them at every turn. But when a mysterious figure, dressed in a blood-drenched burqa, appears sporting a medieval weapon dripping in gore, even the teens’ prayers won’t save them from a night of savage, demented horror. The film is coming to DVD June 24 from TLA Releasing, read on for the art.

Check out stills:

Source: TLA