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More Info And A Slew Of Images From Giallo Inspired ‘The Long Knives’ Halo-8 Project!

What do illustrated films, revenge flicks, giallo horror, Burton, and Argento all have in common? Yes they are all awesome, but we would also have accepted “THE LONG KNIVES” as an answer. Ever since the “GODKILLER” creators announced the project at Wondercon this year the buzz behind the gothic story has been roaring, and this past weekend the crew over at Halo-8 announced new details regarding the project as well as releasing a ton of photos. Read on for all the details.

Here Is What Was Said Regarding The Project At The C2E2 Panel…

“THE LONG KNIVES, Pizzolo said “this was written as a bare-knuckled revenge movie, but I got real worried that the brutality of Act 1, which drives the revenge plot, would be mistaken for torture porn. The solution came by making a huge leap in style to a giallo aesthetic. Ana Ludeshka’s art is ethereal in a Tim Burton-esque way, so it made perfect sense to move from there into an Argento/Bava style. I think this creates a unique duality that really sets it apart. The last thing I want is for this to be perceived as torture porn, because in torture porn the brutality is an end in itself whereas here it’s a critical component of a deeper story. We’ll show you some of the really brutal Act 1 images and you can see how they look through Ana’s more surreal lens.”

Be sure to keep a look out for our exclusive one-on-one interviews with both Matt and Ana regarding their “LONG KNIVES” project in the coming weeks here at’s Graphic Content section.



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