Sexy Vamps And Plenty Of Intrigue In This 7 Page ‘Outsiders’ Preview!

For those of you who prefer your vampires without the “I just got done rolling around in glitter” look, and long for the good ol’ days when bloodsuckers were actually as seductive as they are dangerous, then you ought to enjoy this 7 page preview of Dan Didio’s “OUTSIDERS” issue #29. Read on for the full preview that features capes, vamps, lingerie, and plenty of skin.

ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Don Kramer and Michael Babinski
COVERS BY: Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion

“When Looker returns, her bloodlust is strong – and so is the vampire-hunter hoping to drive a stake in her heart. Her only hope for survival is The Outsiders, who are still stranded in Markovia and struggling to determine whose side they’re really on…”

“”OUTSIDERS” Issue #29 Drops This Wednesday From DC Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)