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BD Pick Of The Week: ‘Pride Prejudice And Zombies’ The Graphic Novel PLUS A 3 Page Preview!

I think there are a lot of people out there that are curious to see what happens with this weeks BD Pick Of The Week, “PRIDE PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES” the graphic novel. Many early reviews are less than flattering, while some seem to be on the fence. Whatever the case, the comic book adaptation of Seth-Grahame Smith’s horror mash-up is being rumored to potentially have one of the best weekly opening numbers on the best sellers list that a graphic novel has ever managed, and if that happens it would be a gigantic development for not only the horror genre, but the comic book industry as well. So with that said, you can make the jump to read the 3 page preview now, and always, why you should care. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Seth-Grahame Smith

‘PRIDE PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES follows Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters live on a countryside estate with their parents. Mr. Bennet guides his daughters in martial arts and weapons training, molding them into a fearsome zombie-fighting army; meanwhile, Mrs. Bennet endeavours to marry the girls off to wealthy suitors. When the wealthy and single Mr. Bingley purchases a nearby house, Mrs. Bennet spies an opportunity and sends the girls to the first ball where Bingley is expected to appear. The girls defend the party from a zombie attack, and attraction sparks between Mr. Bingley and the eldest daughter Jane Bennet. Elizabeth, however, clashes with Bingley’s friend, the haughty monster-hunter Fitzwilliam Darcy.’


When Seth-Grahame Smith’s zombified spin on Jane Austen’s classic ‘PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” was released in April of last year it single handedly changed the state of play for fiction literature by moving some 60,000 copies and catapulting itself onto the New York Times Best Sellers list. (A feat that may not mean as much nowadays as it once did, but I digress) That’s not bad considering the title originally printed some 12,000 copies before further printings were demanded by Quirk. Since that time several writers have tried to mirror Grahame Smith’s style, and the story has spawned several knock-off titles, and is soon to be a major motion picture.

As far as adapting such a work into the illustrated realm, those responsibilities were dropped into the lap of the ever capable hands of Tony Lee. Lee has been a player in the genre for many years, working on such titles as “STARSHIP TROOPERS”, “SPIDERMAN”, “X-MEN”, and “DOCTOR WHO”. Most recently the scribe was recognized by the Junior Library Guild for his highly praised, “Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood”. In addition, “PRIDE PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES” is not the first novel to comic story the writer has worked on having donated time to authors such as Anthony Horowitz and G.P Taylor in the past.

On the flip-side we have some very respectable illustrations from former “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” artist, Cliff Richards. Cliff is actually a very big fan favorite having worked extensively on many beloved characters such as “THUNDERBOLTS”, “BIRDS OF PREY”, and “WONDERWOMAN. The artist’s style is very refined, and it seems to be a near perfect fit for the story.

Of course we could go on all day about what the creative team behind the project has done in the past, and to their credit they deserve it. But what fans really want to know is that “PRIDE PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES” the comic will treat “PRIDE PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES” the novel with respect. (Or with as much respect as a spoof book deserves) Because truth be told this isn’t just a story to many people, and the fan-base is rabid. Based upon the early feedback it would seem that this one is standing on shaky legs, but when all is said and done all we can do is read for ourselves and draw our own conclusions. That is, unless you’re




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