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Alan Moore Returns This August With ‘Neonomicon’!

After months of teasing, publisher Avatar Press has formally introduced its newest project coupling the legendary Alan Moore (“WATCHMEN”, “V FOR VENDETTA”) with “CROSSED” artist Jacen Burrows titled, “NEONOMICON’! Not only that, but the creative team behind the project is also bringing fans some Cthulhu love with the title due out this August. Inside you can get a first look at all 3 covers for the first issue of the title as well as all the details on the synopsis straight from the publisher! Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Alan Moore

“The all-new, all Alan Moore, horror series spoken of only in hushed whispers for years is finally here! From the award-winning master of comics, Alan Moore, comes a brand new tale of Lovecraftian horror that will leave you too afraid to close your eyes, but more afraid to open them! Neonomicon, the sequel to The Courtyard Graphic Novel, is slithering its way onto shelves to take its place as a Great Old One of comics terror! Illustrated by Moore’s favorite demented artist, Jacen Burrows, Neonomicon pulls no punches as every full-colored page is covered in nightmares brought to gruesome life! The story begins some years after the chilling events of The Courtyard, in a world where two young and cocky FBI agents are investigating strange… and familiar murders. They think they’ve seen the worst monsters in America, but as they pull up to the maximum security asylum where one Aldo Sax speaks in strange tongues, Agents Brears and Lamper may be beginning to suspect that they’re about to see something so much worse. But they cannot begin to imagine the creeping insanity that has already begun to pull them under…. Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #1 is available with a Regular and Wraparound covers by Jacen Burrows, a special rare Book of the Dead retailer incentive and an ultra-scarce retailer incentive Remarqued edition with an original sketch by Burrows!”

“NEONOMICON” Issue #1 Drops This August From Avatar Press! (MSRP-$3.99)



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