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The Body Count Rises For Sam And Twitch, Read The First 5 Pages Of Issue #2!

It’s nice to see Sam And Twitch back in the fold and getting some love from Image Comics again. Thus far the newest mini-series, “THE WRITER”, has been very good, but I gotta ask: where are the word balloons? That’s right, there are absolutely no word bubbles in “THE WRITER”. Curious? Then click on beyond the break and take a look at the first 5 pages of issue #2 and see for yourself. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Luca Blengino
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Luca Erbetta & Fabio Bono
INKS BY: Filippo Rizzu
COVERS BY: Luca Erbetta


A publishing editor and his lover. A dead prostitute. A butcher who moonlights as a drug dealer. A social worker. A humanitarian. And… Charlotte Garland, a graphologist, who assists the police. All an eclectic group of people, who have one thing in common – ties to the murderer the press has dubbed, “The Writer.”

“SAM AND TWITCH: THE WRITER” Issue #2 Is Available NOW From image Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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