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Bruce Lee, Eat Your Brains Out: Antarctic Announces ‘Enter The Zombie’ For August!

Had Bruce lee lived long enough, I’m pretty sure that we would have seen him kick the crap out of a zombie or two. Unfortunately, that didn’t ever happen, but thanks to the folks over at Indy distributor Antarctic Press we get the next best thing with “ENTER THE ZOMBIE”, and all new one-shot comic that ships this August.

WITTEN BY: Fred Perry

“A mysterious martial arts master holds a tournament on his private island. Suspecting the man of strange, illegal dealings and experiments, the government calls upon the aid of the best fighter they know. But when the king of kung fu confronts his foes, the fists and feet go flying — right off the ends of their limbs! It’s an UNdeadly showdown with the master’s zombie minions, opponents who can’t even be beaten to death! Is there any escape from the island-bound Dojo of the Dead?”

“ENTER THE ZOMBIE” Drops This August From Antarctic Press! (MSRP-$3.50)



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