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The ‘Predators’ Are Back And They Want Blood! Read The First 6 Pages Now!

Next Wednesday begins the 4 issue weekly prequel to the upcoming Robert Rodriguez produced “PREDATORS” reboot from Dark Horse Comics, and if you’re like me you are thinking one thing: please for the love of all things holy do not suck. Yea, I feel you. Well for those of you who are looking for a ray of hope, inside you can read the first 6 pages of the first issue before it goes on sale next Wednesday. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Marc Andreyko and David Lapham
ILLUSTRATED BY: Guilherme Balbi and Gabriel Guzman
INKS BY: Jose Verissimo and Mariano Talbo
COLORS BY: Garry Henderson and Michael Atiyeh
COVERS BY: Paul Lee.

“A team of Navy Seals is in the midst of a firefight when it suddenly goes dark. They awake to find themselves in a new and more deadly environment, stalked by a strange enemy. One by one these special-ops officers are killed by an unseen threat, until only one man remains. All alone in a strange world, he must do what he knows best survive against all odds.

Robert Rodriguez teams with Dark Horse for an action-packed weekly prequel to his forthcoming Predators film!”

“PREDATORS” Issue #1 Drops June 9th From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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