RUMOR CENTRAL: Scott Hampton Taking On 'Hellboy' With Mike Mignola? - Bloody Disgusting
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RUMOR CENTRAL: Scott Hampton Taking On ‘Hellboy’ With Mike Mignola?



This one might just be a rumor, but it got me excited enough to share. According to Bleeding Cool News genre artist Scott Hampton (“SIMON DARK”, “SILVERHEELS”) is going to be taking on an unspecified “HELLBOY” project. Not details on the project have been released, but seeing as Mignola has stated several times that he was a big fan of “SIMON DARK (A series that was canceled far to quickly) it would make sense that the two might come together on some sort of collaborative effort. In any event, if you make the jump you can enjoy the first 9 minute episode of Hampton’s short horror film “THE TONTINE” which is based upon a story by legend Clive Barker, and filmed in the same building as “CABIN FEVER”.

“Adapted from horror legend Clive Barker’s Hellraiser comic story, The Tontine follows 5 people in their unholy deal with a mysterious stranger. When they gamble for more than money, there can be only one winner. Presented by Break of Dawn Productions, makers of the new feature film ‘A Christmas Family Tragedy’, The Tontine marks the directorial debut of comic legend Scott Hampton.”


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