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Moonstone Announces Their Own Tomb Of Terror, But With A Sexy Flare, In ‘Bedtime Stories’

There are all sorts of horror story collections out there for readers to choose from, but thanks to you will have a chance to add another story to your library with “BEDTIME STORIES FOR IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN”. The title pretty much says it all based upon what we can gather from the two covers that have been made available, but if you want all the details (and the second racy cover) go ahead and make the jump.

WRITTEN BY: James Kuhoric, Robert Tinnell, Mark Wheatley and J.C. Vaughn
COVERS BY: Wheatley and Jacob Jordan.

“A new horror anthology in the spirit of the classics! Meet Alonzo Del Vecchio, a former construction work forced by the tough economic times to become, much to just about everyone’s regret, a babysitter.”

“BEDTIME STORIES FOR IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN” #1 Drops This October From Moonstone Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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