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Anita Blake Gets An Invitation She Can’t Resist In This 6 Page ‘Circus of The Damned’ Preview

Does every title in the Marvel Universe have to do with vampires? Okay, maybe they all don’t, and we can cut Laurell K Hamilton some slack since it IS her niche, but this is getting ridiculous. In any event, inside you can read the first 6 pages of the second issue in the newest arc of the horror author’s “ANITA BLAKE” mythos titled “CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED”. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Laurell K. Hamilton and Jessica Ruffner
COVERS BY: Brett Booth

“Anita Blake knows full well that vampires and the people who kill them for a living don’t make good company. But an invitation from master vampire Jean-Claude to St. Louis’ newest attraction — the ‘Circus of the Damned’ — is too tempting an offer to refuse. And as the executioner is about to find out, JC’s come-hither charms is the least dangerous threat under the big top…”

“ANITA BLAKE: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED” Issue #2 Drops June 16th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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