‘Loch Ness Terror’ Trailer and Clip!

Arriving on April 15 from Sony Home Entertainment is LOCH NESS TERROR, which will be available on DVD at retailers everywhere. If you head on over to BDTV/YouTube you can check out the trailer and an exclusive clip from the release. From deep uncharted waters and through cavernous subterranean tunnels emerges into Lake Superior an unknown and menacing species. The gruesome bloodshed to follow doesn’t stop at Nessie; she’s brought her vicious offspring to help terrorize the innocent townspeople living around the lake. No man on land or water has a chance against this forty-foot bloodthirsty reptile and her spawn – No man except the only one who has ever survived Nessie’s wrath. Driven by a deep-seated vengeance, James Murphy (Brian Krause, TV’s Charmed) hunts down this terrible species with skillful force. Will Murphy save the locals of Lake Superior or end up as one of Nessie’s countless casualties?

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Source: BDTV/YouTube