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San Diego ComiCon: ‘Crossed’: Offending The Masses…Now In 3D

The absolute most important weekend of the year for comic book fans all over the world is undoubtedly ComicCon San Diego which is swiftly approaching. Already publishers, production companies, and industry heads all over the world are making waves by giving fans some early glimpses into their plans for the 3 day event. One such publisher is the ever growing Avatar Press who are best known for their absolutely f**cked up monthly series “CROSSED”. So unsurprisingly enough the company has some big plans for the series, and according to several reports (including the publisher’s official Twitter account) the series will be making the jump into, get this, the 3D format! The best part of all?! It doesn’t look lame! I know, I didn’t believe it later. The all new graphic novel will be formally announced at the Con, but if you make the jump you can get all the info including a first look at the covers. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: David Lapham
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Gianluca Pagliarani

“When one of the last surviving human Doctors gets trapped in a New York skyscraper, S.W.A.T. veteran Lt. Hunt MacAvoy must assemble and arm a rag-tag group of handymen to go on a rescue mission of madness – right into a city of millions of Crossed!”

Photos Courtesy Of Bleeding Cool News…

“CROSSED 3D (VOL 1)” Comes At You Later This Year From Avatar Press! (MSRP-$8.99 Page Count-48)



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