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‘Silence Of The Lambs’ The Comic?! Nope, That’s Just Issue #13 of ‘Merc With A Mouth’

Since making their way into the “MARVEL ZOMBIE” universe, Deadpool, Headpool, and the rest of the crew have been through quite a bit. They’ve gained friends, lost allies, and the Merc With A Mouth has even had his head stolen! And did I mention that they nuked a zombie Tyrannosaurs Rex? Well now the oddball antics return, and the Marvel is doubling the fun with a special 40 page issue! Inside you can get an equally double sized 7 page preview of the issue that hits stands on the 21st. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Salvador Larroca

“Special double-sized issue! The exciting and climactic …uh…climax to Deadpool’s adventures in the zombie dimension! Can Deadpool and pals find their way back through the Nexus of All Whatchacall to their home dimension? See our heroes battle zombie Deadpool before he lost his head. Hear the hilarious wisecracks of Headpool! Smell the pungent aroma of rotting zombie corpses. Taste whatever snack you usually enjoy while reading stuff.”

“DEADPOOL MERC WITH A MOUTH” Issue #13 Drops July 21st From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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