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Rick Remender Continues To Allow Punisher, Wolverine, And Daken To Beat The Snot Out Of Eachother In ‘Dark Wolverine’ Issue 20

Let’s say that in a completely hypothetical situation, you had an unkillable, hairy, slightly anger prone mutant with retractable claws fighting tooth and adamantium nail with an undead half human half robotic assassin who was trying to kill the little hairy guy’s insane (and greasy) son. In that situation do you think it would really be necessary to call the authorities?…Okay…Yea…I can see that now. Read on for the 5 page preview.

WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
COVERS BY: Simone Bianchi

“PUNISHMENT,” part 4

The Punisher and Wolverine must kill Daken! In hunting Dark Wolverine, Frank Castle has unwittingly given him the thing he needed most to complete his mission of retribution. On the rooftops of Tokyo, The Punisher, in a broken body, and his unwitting partner Wolverine, his healing factor negated, fight against a vengeful son reborn in the Exo-Mind! Dear lord is it going to get bloody.”

“DARK WOLVERINE” Issue #20 Drops August 18th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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