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Wildstorm Bringing Back Fan Favorite ‘Victorian Undead’ This November!

If you have been paying attention to us here at Graphic Content then you are well aware that we are firm supporters of DC Wildstorm’s mini series “VICTORIAN UNDEAD” that ended earlier this year. The series never got stale like most mini-series do, and Edginton was able to deliver the goods with every issue of the run. When the last issue was released we speculated (more of an educated guess) that the series would make its return at some point, and thankfully someone else thought so too, and today the publisher announced an all new mini-series that will debut this November. This time the detective and his titular sidekick will be taking on Dracula himself, and you can get all the details on the first issue below!

WRITTEN BY: Ian Edginton
COVER BY: Ryan Sook.

“A year after the defeat of Professor Moriarty’s revenant horde and the fire-bombing of London, restoration is well under way. Yet, from across the sea, ancient eyes cast their hungry gaze upon the still vulnerable capital Dracula is coming! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the wreck of the ship, the Demeter its crew missing, the corpse of its Captain lashed to the ship’s wheel and soon realize this is merely the opening salvo of war from beyond the grave! Don’t miss this start to a bloodthirsty new 5-issue miniseries!”

“VICTORIAN UNDEAD II: SHERLOCK HOLMES VS DRACULA” Issue #1 Drops This November From DC Wildstorm! (MSRP-$3.99)



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