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Terminal Press Resurrects ‘ZombieBomb’ For ‘The Feed’

A few months back we told you about the awesome zombie miniature epic titled “ZOMBIEBOMB” that was released through Indie distributor Terminal Press. The story was received with open arms from horror and zombie fans a like, and now the team behind the break-out hit are back with an all new story in the “ZOMBIEBOMB” mythos with “THE FEED”. The story which premiered at SDCC is available NOW, but beyond the break you can get all the details on the story, a 6 page preview, as well as the variant cover artwork. Read on for the skinny!

Here’s What The Official Press Release Has To Say…

“Terminal Press’ breakout hit series “ZombieBomb!” is back with its second killer issue, “ZombieBomb! The Feed.”

Rich Woodall (Johnny Raygun) and acclaimed painter Adam Miller return as co-editors on the zombie anthology book that’s been stirring up buzz between horror and comics enthusiasts alike since the title launched in March. With accolades from industry greats such as Ed McGuinness and Eric Powell, and a four-skull stamp of approval from Fangoria magazine, “ZombieBomb!” has proven to be fertile ground for the top talent that’s assembled to spin short tales of the undead in every 64-page issue.

“ZombieBomb! The Feed” also continues Terminal Press’ collaboration with thrash metal legends Exodus. “Last Desires” is a featured story from writer/frontman Rob Dukes, who also penned the serial killer nightmare I AM BECOME GOD earlier this year and is a character in his band’s own comic, Exodus: Death Begets Death.

“What’s On The Menu?” Variant by Rich Woodall

With alternate covers from Miller and Woodall, “The Feed’s” creators also include Chris Giarrusso (Marvel, Image), Keith McCleary (Heavy Metal), Craig Rousseau (Marvel,Image), Fred Lynch (Random House, The Washington Post), Khary Randolph (Marvel, DC, The Cartoon Network) Chris Dahlen (The Onion), Loston Wallace (DC), Tony Donley, Josh Morrissette, Bryan White, Cheri Couillard, Alison Blackwell, Chuck Knigge, Robert Squier and John Gajowski.

“ZombieBomb! The Feed” premiered at SDCC 2010, and can now be previewed and purchased at the Terminal Press website. Faithful ZombieBombers! can get their undead fix between issues at the official Facebook page and Youtube channel, ZombieBombTV.”

“ZOMBIEBOMB: THE FEED” Is Available NOW On Official Terminal Press Website (MSRP-$10)



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