Update on ‘Cloverfield 2’ Viral Campaign!

I’m sure it can’t all be part of the viral campaign, but there have been some significant finds on the web regarding Paramount Pictures’ Cloverfield 2. But let me be clear – none of this has been confirmed as officially related to the Cloverfield franchise, but something appeared in my mail today that helps confirm at least some of it. Read on for the skinny.

First, don’t you hate me?

Second, this was the label sealing in the DVD

Third, this was a little logo on the top right, the same one that has been seen on the viral sites over the past few days, the one on the DVD is to the left, the one found online is to the right.

In addition to these images and clues, the extra features reveal a new website that has yet to be launched, which I’m sure will have plenty of clues hiding within it. Mark it in your bookmarks and keep your eyes peeled to Cloverfieldfiles.com

Then B-D reader ‘Jarofsap’ sent us over to Flylyf where they have all sorts of crazy viral discoveries, including a theory on the new title or project for the sequel – ALADYGMA.

Also something important to note is that on the extra features the creature designer confirms that the monster is in fact an infant. Could we see the mother in the sequel? Can you imagine how big she is?!

Source: Various