UPDATE: Wanted: New Director(s) for ‘Hellraiser’ Remake

Update: We have confirmed that the directors are officially OFF the project. We heard some very disconcerting news last Monday that we were able to confirm over the past week. From what we were told by various sources, the Weinstein Company is seeking a new director for their remake of Hellraiser. What’s not clear yet is whether or not Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury – who directed the astounding French horror film INSIDE – is officially off the project. If there were two people in this world I’d trust with the project, it would be those two. What could have happened to leave Dimension seeking a director? All I know is that I’m extremely disappointed by this news, and because of it I no longer care about the project until I hear something that sparks my interest again. We’ll continue to dig on this story Monday, hopefully we’ll find out something more official.