These Werewolves Don't Want Your Romance: Archaia Unleashes A 6 Page 'Feeding Ground' Preview! - Bloody Disgusting
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These Werewolves Don’t Want Your Romance: Archaia Unleashes A 6 Page ‘Feeding Ground’ Preview!



I love werewolves, we all do, but not when they have been neutered by tween schlock like “TWILIGHT”. That’s why you should be overjoyed to hear that publisher Archaia has provided us with a 6 page preview of “FEEDING GROUND”, and it is absolutely, 100% shirtless teen heartthrob free. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Chris Mangun and Swifty Lang
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Michael Lapinski
LETTERS BY: Chris Mangun
COVERS BY: Michael Lapinski

“FEEDING GROUND, a horror tale set on the Mexico-Arizona border, launches an entirely new werewolf mythology! A local enforcer, Don Oso, terrorizes the Busqueda family as their father Diego makes a solitary trek home through the horrors of the Devil’s Highway. Meanwhile, US Border Patrol agents unearth a shocking discovery that threatens to reveal a secret buried in the desert for generations. Also included as bonus content on the flip side of the book is the story in Spanish!”

“FEEDING GROUND” Issue #2 Drops This Thursday From Archia Comics! (MSRP-$3.95)


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