‘Horror 88’ Heads From Campfire to Screens

We caught wind of a new indie horror film that is currently casting. Directed by Joaquin F. Palma, HORROR 88 is about a circle of six 20-something years old friends gather around a campfire in the backyard of one of their parents’ home and begin to tell strange occurrences and stories rumored from the past. At the end of the night everyone around the campfire has become a bit uneasy from all the scary storytelling, so they proceed to move the party inside the house. As they settle in the focus is centered on one of the girls, as the story she previously told comes back to haunt her that same night in a total unexpected way. More news as it comes in. Read on for the full cast.
Cast listing from IMDB:

Danielle Harris … Melissa
Shawna Waldron … Joanna
Kristina Klebe … Melissa
Ashley McCarthy … Sylvia
Guillermo Iván … Tom
Brynn Lucas … Angie
Richie Chance … Tom
Veronica Diaz … Marie