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‘Wolverine & Jubilee’ Continue Their Quest To Break The Curse With A 6 Page Preview Of Issue #2

Becoming a vampire isn’t all angst and sparkling in the sun, especially if you are ol’ Sparky herself, Jubilee. The recently fanged vampire and her newly adopted companion Wolverine continue their quest for a cure within the pages of “WOLVERINE & JUBILEE: CURSED” issue #2, which drops next Wednesday. Inside you can check out a 6 page preview and get all the details. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Kathryn Immonen
COVERS BY: Nimit Malavia

“Undead teenagers, can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em…because they’re undead. Wolverine may be taking on his roughest mission yet as he tries to kick some sense into Jubilee and boy, does she fight back! In his version of Upward Bound, X-Men style, he’s hauled her halfway around the world to get her away from whoever or whatever is trying to frame her for mass murder. But this town’s got a problem that’s going to take their combined efforts to combat, and Jubilee’s pursuer is hot on their trail.”

“WOLVERINE & JUBILEE: CURSED” Issue #2 Drops February 16th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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