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WTF Of The Day: First Look At The Disturbing Indie ‘Xtin: The Dragon’s Dreamworld’

“MARTYRS” fans, do you hate the fact that your favorite foreign horror film of the past decade will be being remade for American audiences by the same people that brought you the stomach turning (in all the wrong ways) “TWILIGHT SAGA”? Do you wish that you could get your “crazy religious fanatic” horror fix elsewhere? Well then, boy oh boy, do we have the web-comic for you! The series we are talking about is the deeply disturbing Indie series, “XTIN: THE DRAGON’S DREAMWORLD”, which is currently available for preview online. Is it violent? You betchya. Is it disturbing on every level this side of “CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES”? Oh yea. Do we know what the hell it is about? Nope. However, the series looks very promising, and inside you can get a 3 page preview of (what we assume) the first issue. Read on for the skinny!

“XTIN: THE DRAGON’S DREAMWORLD” Is Available At The Official Website!



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