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The ‘Infestation’ Finally Hits The ‘Ghostbusters’ Uni With A 6 Page Preview Of Issue #1!

Seeing as we have been getting plenty of bi-weekly action from the folks at IDW for their “INFESTATION” event, which has already been contaminating the pages of “TRANSFORMERS” and “STAR TREK”, we have been anxiously anticipating the far more “human” aspect to the outbreak that the series would bring to the classic “GHOSTBUSTERS” franchise. Thankfully, the wait is over, and inside you can check out a 6 page preview of the issue that drops tomorrow. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Erik Burnham
COVERS BY: Kyle Hotz and John K. Snyder III

“IDW’s Infestation event continues here in this bi-weekly two-part Ghostbusters tale! Thanks to a plague of poltergeists that resist long-term storage in the containment grid, the Ghostbusters are dealing with a surplus of work… and their job is only going to get harder when Britt’s zombies try to take a nibble out of the Big Apple!”

“INFESTATION: GHOSTBUSTERS” Issue #1 Drops TOMORROW From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)



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