Dead Next Door Directors Next Coming to DVD July 15

Tempe Video is proud to introduce the first collaboration between executive producer J.R. Bookwalter (THE DEAD NEXT DOOR) and the directing team of The Campbell Brothers (THE RED SKULLS) with POISON SWEETHEARTS, a throwback to the ’60s style of grindhouse cinema. The first in a new series of Tempe originals lensed in HD! You can read more about the release inside and check out the cover art from the DVD arriving in stores July 15.
On the depraved streets of Cleveland, young women are dealt hard lives. Trudging through days of filth, poverty and crime, they do what they can to survive. Women backed against a wall — mistreated and abused — now, see them strike back with horrifying vengeance! A beautiful dame forced to sell her body for her pimp. A sweet 16-year-old girl starved for affection who turns to a pair of smooth-talking breakdancers she meets in the park. The kitten who sacrifices her freedom to care for her drunken, degenerate father. Witness these blood-soaked stories and more in a cautionary tale of what happens when innocent women are pushed too far!

* Audio commentary with The Campbell Brothers
* Scenes from the unfinished 2002 version (9 mins.)
* “The Opening Heavens / Burnt Steaks” Luke Campbell music video (3 mins.)
* “Delicate Adventures” The Wildcats music video (3 mins.)
* “I Believe In You” The Killer Dudes music video (4 mins.)
* “Cordoba Nights” preview trailer (2 mins.)
* Tempe DVD trailers

POISON SWEETHEARTS – Trailer (Version 3)