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C2E2 2011 Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day one of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was a lot like a tornado. It caught you up and refused to let go until it had its way with you, and it was just as violent as that entails. After meeting with countless fans, writers, artists, and publishers, myself, Johnny_Trouble, and JerryBaker made it out of the convention virtually unscathed. However, day one is ALWAYS the slowest day, and you can only imagine the intensity that will be Day 2. It was a day of meeting friends new and old, sore feet, fantastic interviewees, and audio malfunctions, but all in all a very successful day. Inside you can check out a few select photos from The Con, as well as a brief video. Read on for the skinny!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to sound difficulties beyond our control, the above audio is a bit rough. We apologize.

‘What do you mean my room is double booked?!’

Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed all of us support and love on the first day, posed for pictures, and let us pick their brains. And while Day 1 was a bit riddled with some technical difficulties and general insanity, we could not be more excited for Day 2 (And a fully functioning mic). Be sure to continue to keep up with all of us on the road over at Twitter, and we will see you all tomorrow.

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