SpookyDan Chats With ‘P2′ Star Wes Bentley

West coast reporter SpookyDan just sent us in an interview he had with P2 star Wes Bentley, who talks about the film, along with a few other projects. P2, which arrives on DVD tomorrow (order here), centers on a corporate climber (Nichols) who gets stuck working late on Christmas Eve and finds herself the target of an unhinged security guard (Bentley). With no help in sight, the woman must overcome physical and psychological challenges to survive.
Last week I had an opportunity to chat with actor Wes Bentley about the film P2, which arrives on DVD tomorrow. The first thing we chatted about was how he became attracted to the project. “I got the P2 script in the usual way. Because of how the genre is going with the torture porn, I didn’t have much hope that it would be interesting. The character Thomas was so new, real and intriguing that I just wanted to do it. It’s so different from everything I have been watching within the genre this one seemed more old school, and a meaty part. I am definatly glad I did it!

In the film Thomas stalks and kidnaps Angela (played by Rachel Nichols), we talked about his character a bit. “I don’t think he was a killing, crazy guy before this girl Angela came along and made him snap,” he explains. “As the film goes on he gets crazier, I don’t think there was much of that (craziness) happening before she came along. I’m not too into today’s horror films, I definatly like some old school stuff, but not so much recently. I just don’t want to do films that have already been done, and I am not a fan of the torture porn stuff I cant watch that, but I really enjoy the older and more creepy stuff more than the physical pain. I wouldn’t be gunning for a roll in Saw 5 or 6 because it’s a little far away from me. I like the mental breakdown of a character, which Thomas certainly was going though!

The film is executive produced by Alexandre Aja, the French madman behind the films HIGH TENSION and THE HILLS HAVE EYES, Bentley chatted a bit about converging with Aja. “He was their every day. I don’t speak French so we didn’t have a direct connection, but we were certainly collaborating, and it was a nice one. It’s difficult when you speak a different language but when you go though a film together sometimes you create a bond with your coworkers and sometimes you don’t, and there is definatly a bond between us. I would love to work with him again!

Upcoming on Bentley’s plate is an adaptation of an Edger Allen Poe short story called (appropriately) Edgar Allen Poe’s LIGEIA. “We got great cast including Michael Madsen, Sofya Skya who was Miss World, and a dancer as well. She has this incredible presence, which she needs because she is hypnotic and capturing souls to continue her life. She is finding the perfect way to do that. But I don’t want to spoil it. I am so lucky and happy to be a part of it. It was a tough shoot, but it’s like nothing else I have ever been a part of!

Lastly, I asked him about a film/documentary called MY BIG BREAK in which five actors arrive in Hollywood and try to make it. The rumor is that he signed on to be involved with the film before he was cast in AMERICAN BEAUTY, so it would seem to be an interesting piece about the lives of the actors in varying degrees of stardom. But don’t hold your breath to see it. Bentley was adamantly not thrilled with the film and had a few choice things to say about it. “That’s actually something that I am not a part of, I was, but I am not involved with them anymore, I actually have a problem with them,” he declares. “I don’t think that it will ever be released, that guy has done a lot of things that I consider wrong. He was a friend – we were all part of it, but he ran off with the footage. I have a singed contract that says I have (final release) approval. I believe that it’s shut down, be he is still pretending like its coming out. I am not approving of it at all!” You guys might as well go grab yourself P2, which hits DVD tomorrow!

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