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INTERVIEW: Marc Andreyko On Penning ‘Let Me In: Crossroads’

It is no easy feat to be able to take a story as lauded and respected amongst horror fans and critics alike such as “LET ME IN” (“LET THE RIGHT ONE IN”), and add your own spin to it. The original novel written by John Ajvide Lindqvist has now been adapted into two highly successful films, and thanks to Dark Horse Comics and writer Marc Andreyko the series has also made the leap from book, to film, to comics with “LET ME IN: CROSSROADS”. The series acts as a prequel to the Americanized remake of the Swedish masterpiece, and this week myself and Johnny_Trouble were fortunate enough to sit down with the series writer and talk to him about the four issue mini-series. Read on for the skinny…

THEoDEAD:”The universe of “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN”, and its Americanized counterpart “LET ME IN”, is a very broad and in depth story that spans many years. When working with the source material, what did you find to be the hardest part of trying to stay faithful to Lindqvist’s masterpiece, but also at the same time adding your own twist on the character’s backstories?”

Marc Andreyko: “I was working from the American version primarily (as there are significant differences between the swedish and US versions). I am a huge fan of the original novel and film and really wanted to capture that bleak, iron-heavy sense of dread that permeates them.”

THEoDEAD:”Obviously the following for “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN” is a very dedicated one. When going into this project did you have any reservations about taking on the story, or were you confident that the established fan-base of the series would really enjoy what you guys were doing with it?”

Marc Andreyko: “When I heard about the project i wanted to be the one of screw it up:) when I was writing, though, I simply wanted to tell a good story that felt right in that universe. If you think about all the people watching you too much, you’re more likely to psych yourself out.”

THEoDEAD:”You definitely explore some very dark, and twisted subject matter within the pages of the 4-issue run. What was it like delving into such a twisted side of your psyche, and by osmosis, the psyches of Abby and the rest of the characters?”

Marc Andreyko: “It never usually bothers me, but there is a scene in issue 3 with the neighbor kid and thomas that, when writing it, it didn’t bother me, but when I saw Patric’s art, I went “aww, man. that’s horrifying.”

Johnny_Trouble:”The character of Wayne is a man driven past the brink of insanity. He considers himself trapped within his own life, he is constantly nagged by his pregnant fiancée and works for his tyrannical future father-in-law. He begins murdering other people in order to change his life. However, he does not murder those who directly make his life more difficult, yet chooses victims that will enable him to gain favor in the eyes of those he detests. Why did you decide go about developing this character in such a way?”

Marc Andreyko: “It seemed logical. You hear these stories about abused women or children who stay in their awful situations and try to gain approval from their abusers. It’s a more twisted form of stockholm syndrome. And Wayne is actually terrified of his father-in-law, so he takes out his frustrations on those he can prey on: people weaker than himself.”

Johnny_Trouble:”Jon is a character that is a rebellious youth and despite being told not to befriend Abby, works to gain her friendship anyway. Would you say he is able to identify with her and works to form a friendship with her because they are both outcasts in their own way? ”

Marc Andreyko: “Absolutely. Kids can sense when they meet a kindred spirit. And nothing makes something more attractive to a teen than being told “don’t go there.” Another issue is that Jon reminds Abby of thomas as a boy: a driven, devoted, fearless energy. Not the alomst-zombified old man that Thomas has become.”

Johnny_Trouble:”In Issue 3 of the series, Abby calls her “Father” by the name of Thomas. In the movie “Let Me In” he was always referred to as “Father”. What influenced your decision to actually give the character a first name when it is never brought up in the American version of the movie?”

Marc Andreyko: “I didn’t give him that name. It was in Matt Reeves’ great script. And her calling him only “father” in the film is a direct result of the events in this comic. after the disaster in indiana, Abby realizes that she needs to “live” the illusion she and Thomas have set up more fully.”

THEoDEAD:”Now that the initial 4-issue run is over, would you consider continuing to tell the story of these characters with future stories, or do you feel as if you have told the side of their story that you wanted to tell?”

Marc Andreyko: “I would LOVE to tell more stories about Abby and Thomas! In fact, I loosely plotted out tales for every decade from the ’30s to the ’70s. So, go buy multiple copies if you want more!”

Johnny_Trouble:”What other projects can we look forward to seeing from you down the road now that the 4-issue run is over, and where can readers go to keep up with news regarding your current and upcoming projects?”

Marc Andreyko: “They can check me out on facebook and I seem to be in a vampire phase as I am co-writing (with Micahel “Steve Newlin” Mcmillian) a six issue “True Blood” mini called “Tainted Love”. I also am the new co-writer on “Captain America and Bucky” (w/ the brilliant Ed Brubaker) starting in July with #620. And there’s a two-part “Birds of Prey” arc in July, as well as some other stuff not quite ready to announce yet! Thanks again for supporting “Let Me In”. I am incredibly proud of the book and hope folks will check it out, (and the TPB collection will be out in september, so preorder, preorder, preorder!)”

We would like to thank Marc Andreyko for taking the time to sit down and chat with both myself, and Johnny_Trouble. For those of you who haven’t done so yet, the entire 4 issue run of “LET ME IN” is available NOW at your local shop thanks to Dark Horse Comics, and it is well worth your time (and money) to check them out. Also, be sure to keep it locked here at Graphic Content as we continue to bring you more exclusive interviews with more of the industries’ biggest names.



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