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OMFG Of The Day: Fright-Rags Releases Official Retro ‘Creepy’ Tees!

Officially rivaling their “CRITTERS” themed shirt for my favorite new tee design of 2011 (so far), yesterday Fright-Rags.comofficially released two brand spankin’ new t-shirts based upon the classic “CREEPY” magazine! Both shirts (pictured below) incorporate original cover artwork from the books’ first two issues, and if you make the jump you can get all the specs and details from the press release. Read on for the skinny…

“They say April showers bring May flowers but this is getting ridiculous.
I have to admit though, with all this rain the fog looks pretty cool…I find myself
trying to tune into Stevie Wayne to soothe me to sleep at night.

This April is also bringing loads of stuff to Fright-Rags as well.
Keep reading below to see what’s new, back in stock, as well as
info on a very special event coming up soon…

When EC Comics was taken down by the Comics Code in the 1950s,
horror comics were never the same afterward. Fans were left with bland stories and
artwork that could never compare to the gory days of pre-code comics.
Then, in 1964, James Warren released CREEPY. Since CREEPY was
presented in magazine format, it was not subject to the Code, and readers
were once again treated to stories of blood and gore.

We wanted to pay homage to the magazine that brought horror back, and we’ve
been working with the great folks at New Comic Company, LLC to bring this
vision to life! Today I’m proud to announce the first two shirts in our brand
new CREEPY series. I felt it best to begin with the images that started it all,
so we chose to reproduce the two first covers of CREEPY in full-color glory.
We also printed them using waterbased inks, which give them a worn out, vintage look and feel.

If you’re a fan of retro horror, grab these before they’re gone…!”

– Original Jack Davis cover art
– silky smooth 8-color waterbased print with worn vintage look and feel
– printed on American Apparel (these run a bit small – please check your size)

The Official “CREEPY” T-Shirts Are Now Available From! (MSRP-$21.95)



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