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The ‘Vampire Huntress’ Has A Giant Blue Demon On Her Hands In Issue #4!

Things have gone from bad to worse in issue #4 of L.A Banks’ New York Times Best Seller based “VAMPIRE HUNTRESS – THE HIDDEN DARKNESS”, as the crew now have a 50 foot tall blue demon in the room…no, literally – there is a 50 foot tall blue demon on the loose! Inside you can check out the entire 5 page preview thanks to publisher Dynamite Entertainment. Read on for the skinny…

COVERS BY: Brett Booth

“There’s an old saying that, “The Devil is always busy.” Well this time the Dark Lord has outdone himself and has created a new entity that has the full Guardian team and both Neterus completely baffled. It has the essence of evil distilled down from his fallen Vampire Council, a little topspin from his exterminated favorite demon, The Thirteenth, with general regulation nastiness just for good measure. The problem the team has now is, how do they track something that can morph at will? Perhaps the bigger question is, once they find it, how the hell do they kill it? LA Banks brings the series to a shattering conclusion!”

“L.A BANKS’ VAMPIRE HUNTRESS – THE HIDDEN DARKNESS” Issue #4 Drops May 4th From Dynamite Entertainment! (MSRP – $3.99)

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