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OMFG Of The Day: Dark Horse Digital Releases Their Free Comic Book Day Stories As Free App Download!

As the publisher lead the pack for horror fans everywhere this past Saturday for Free Comic Book Day 2011, Dark Horse Comics will be giving readers who missed out on their favorite titles over the weekend a chance to read them…for FREE! The offer is only good for those who have subscribed to their digital market, and will only be available for download until the end of May. Inside you can get all the details straight from the publisher themselves. Read on for the skinny…


“May 9, 2011, MILWAUKIE, OR: If you missed out on picking up your Free Comic Book Day comics at your local comic-book store, you can get them from Dark Horse Digital for a limited time!

Downloads will be available starting Wednesday, May 11, and run through the end of the month!

Just hop on any computer or Mac iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone), go to, or the iTunes app store and download the free Dark Horse Comics bookshelf app!

Both Criminal Macabre/Baltimore and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be available for free download!

Make sure you check out these awesome titles from Dark Horse and support Free Comic Book Day! Ten years in the running!”



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