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Welcome to the weekly previews for May 11th, 2011 here at! The truth is everyone would read all the books if they had the time and money, but in reality most of us don’t. Here you will find a little taste of some major comics being released each week, my take on them, and, as always, feels free to discuss below. Whether you have been into comics since you were a little one, or are new to the game, I’m here to help you decide which books are for you. I’ve picked out some comics I feel will stand out in the coming week and listed them under their respective publisher, with over a dozen previews of some of your favorite books such as “28 DAYS LATER VOL. 4: GANGWAR”, “FEAR ITSELF: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY”, “TOTAL RECALL”, “HELLBOY: BEING HUMAN”, “ASTONISHING X-MEN”, “THE INCREDIBLE HULKS”, and MORE! Read on for the skinny…

Amazing Spider-Man #660

WRITTEN BY: Dan Slott 

PRICE: $3.99

““Parental Supervision Required THIS ISSUE IS PACKED!!! The SINISTER SIX versus SPIDER-MAN and the FF… and by FF, we mean ALL of the Future Foundation! Know what’s not a good place for children, even super powered kids? A full-scale battle with the world’s deadliest super villains! It’s not ‘Bring Your Kids To Work’ Day, not a field trip, and it’s definitely not a game! This is a high stakes battle and there’s no way it will end well… You also get part 3 of the death-defying team up of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider by Rob Williams and Lee Garbett. And also this issue…our 2nd in a series of ‘Infested’ preludes leading to this summer’s top secret Spidey event! Phew!”

Spider-Man has gone through some ups and downs over the past few years with many writer and artist changes. However, in Spidey’s newest adventures with the FF he seems to be at his best. Though he may have lost his Spidey-senses, his wit is as strong as ever, and he’s got sweet new white costume to boot. This may be the best Spider-Man we have seen in a while, and I can’t wait to see him kick some Sinister Six ass.

FF #3

WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hickman 

PRICE BY: $2.99

“What has become of the surviving members of the Council, loosed upon our world by Valeria? That’s what Reed Richards and the new FF must now discover!”

Since the death of their beloved Human Torch, the FF (now known as Future Foundation, not to be confused with Fantastic Four) has not been the same. This isn’t a bad thing at all; it is just different seeing Spidey fight along side Reed Richards rather than Human Torch. That said, the storyline is as strong as ever as the FF try to save the Earth from destruction. Epting’s art is extremely crisp and detailed. It’s also really nice that they re-launched the series allowing for new readers to join without being intimidated by the high issue number.



WRITTEN BY: Kieron Gillen
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Doug Braithwaite
COLORS BY: Ulises Arreola
COVERS BY: Stephanie Hans, Larry Stroman, Dave Meikis, Peter Steigerwald
PRICE: $2.99


Loki, the great betrayer, the great destroyer has returned! But in all the nine realms there is no one who trusts him. Sadly, when he’s the first to discover the dread secret behind FEAR ITSELF and issues forth a call to arms, none will heed his call. Thrill to the latest JIM installment as the younthened Trickster God makes his devious move for power and control!”


WRITTEN BY: Sean McKeever
COLORS BY: Veronica Gandini
COVERS BY: Giuseppe Camuncoli
PRICE: $2.99


With a growing sense of uncertainty and despair gripping the nation–and the world–the remnants of the Initiative program are sworn in as federal agents charged with keeping the peace. Their ensuing actions, however, threaten to plunge America’s young heroes into civil war! Featuring AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE stars THOR GIRL, ULTRAGIRL, CLOUD 9, KOMDO and HARDBALL–plus FIRESTAR, GRAVITY and some very cool surprises–YOUTH IN REVOLT brings the horror of FEAR ITSELF to the doorstep of a generation!”


WRITTEN BY: Victor Gischler
COVERS BY: David Yardin and David Lopez
PRICE: $2.99

“Jubilee has been turned by the dark forces of the undead. And though the battle with the vampires is over, Jubilee’s own battle has just begun. Now a vampire living amongst an army of mutants, Jubilee struggles to find her place and to keep her vampire cravings at bay. But unbeknownst to her, one of her fellow X-Men may just hold the key to curing her of her thirst for blood. Could Professor Xavier’s own encounter with a vampire hold the key to her salvation?”


WRITTEN BY: Daniel Way
PRICE: $3.99

“Montrous,’ part 2 of 4. When the monstrous Fing Fang Foom attacks Tokyo, the X-Men head into action! While the Children of the Atom do battle with the reptilian menace that is Foom, Armor contends with matters of a more personal nature. Can the X-Men save Tokyo without losing Armor? Plus, a treacherous plot involving Roxxon Oil is brewing on Monster Island!”


COVERS BY: Marko Djurdjevic
PRICE: $2.99

“Spy versus spy meets gamma-powered mayhem as Red She-Hulk (Hulk’s estranged wife Betty Banner), partners with a mysterious villain to steal an ancient artifact of unimaginable power. Now it’s up to Banner… Bruce Banner, to save the world — and possibly his marriage. But will Secret Agent Banner be able to keep his domestic affairs from turning into an international Hulk-off?”

Batman Incorporated #6

WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison
PRICE: $2.99

“Man-of-Bats is a self-styled hero and community leader who protects his Sioux reservation from crime and disease. His son, Raven Red, can’t seem to keep his father’s often-embarrassing enthusiasm in check – and he dreams of escaping his father’s shadow to become a big time hero. But what happens when this homemade Dynamic Duo become the targets of a sophisticated, well-connected killer from the shadows? Can the intervention of Batman save them before it’s too late?”

Batman Inc. definitely got off to a shaky start. Everyone was wondering when the ‘Morrisonesque’ was going to kick in. Rest assured, Bruce Wayne is back, and Morrison is at his finest. Batman Inc. is one of the most complex Batman tales around; each page needs to be read carefully. This is not a book you can just pick up and skim through, but it’s more than worth it. Batman attempts to spread his legend worldwide, with the help of some friends, and some major setbacks along the way. After the last issue, this is shaping up to be an incredible series. If you plan on being a Batman fan in the next year, and have not read the first five issues, you should.

Batman: Arkham City #1 (of 5)


“It’s been a year since The Joker took over Arkham, and Gotham is still trying to get back to normal in this all-new, 5-issue miniseries bridging the gap between the hit videogame Batman: Arkham Asylum and the exciting, upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City! And now, an attack by a pair of super-powered twins increases the threat level and triggers Gotham City’s new mayor to call for drastic measures.”

Batman is everywhere this week! If you were a fan of the videogame Arkham Asylum, and you cannot wait for the sequel to come out so you can sit on your couch for hours on end pretending to wear the cowl, pick up this series. While often these books are cheesy marketing ploys to get people to buy the game, with Dini behind the reins this actually looks very promising.

Flashpoint #1

WRITTEN BY:Geoff Johns
PRICE: $3.99

“Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld. This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It’s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war – but where are Earth’s Greatest Heroes to stop it? It’s a place where America’s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, S!H!A!Z!A!M!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yet-altered faces! It’s a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can’t find the villain who altered the time line!”

DC does epic events extremely well, and this one seems to be their biggest and most intricate yet. Flashpoint is a massive overarching storyline spanning over the five-issue run, plus fifteen three-issue mini series and a number of one shots. DC focused on Green Lantern last year, and this year seems to be the year for our friend Barry Allen. Johns’ appropriation of the DC heroes into a new and strange world should be something for the ages. You may want to pick up a checklist for this one!

Also notable here is Flash #12 which also drops this week. If you have been following it concludes the prelude to Flashpoint, and it’s an issue you likely will not want to miss.

Hellboy: Being Human (One-Shot)

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola

ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Richard Corben and Dave Stewart

“A horrible witch and her zombie servant host a dinner party for a family of corpses, and Hellboy and Roger turn up to blast them all back to hell in this team-up story from Roger’s early days at the B.P.R.D.”

If you already read Hellboy, not much selling need be done. For those who don’t, Hellboy is a demon that works for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D), and deals with a bunch of supernatural creatures and spooky stuff. What’s special about Hellboy is that while he may be a demon, he shares almost no stereotypical traits that one would normally associated with demons. He may be big, tough, red, and intimidating, but he’s just like everyone else on the inside. If you have not been into any of the Hellboy books, this one-shot is a great place to start.

Total Recall #1

WRITTEN BY Vince Moore
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Cezar Rezak and Darick Robertson
PRICE: $1.99

“Inspired by the hit 1990 science fiction movie, Total Recall. Read the story of what happens next! Having killed Cohaagen and given Mars an atmosphere, Douglas Quaid (the man who was Hauser) simply wants to live happily-ever-after with the woman of his dreams, Melina. How can Quaid have his happily-ever-after with Mars in chaos, new enemies coming to the red planet, and a mysterious stranger walking about? Check out issue Total Recall #1 to find out!”

It’s Total Recall! While the film was originally based on a Philip K. Dick story, I highly doubt this comic will have much affinity with the sci-fi legend. Either way, how could you possibly not want to read this? Okay, well, I guess I see how you would be skeptical, but at only 2 bucks, it seems worth it.

30 Days of Night: Night, Again #1 (of 4)

WRITTEN BY: Joe Lansdale
PRICE: $3.99

“Fleeing the site of a secondary vampire infestation in the cold, wilds of Alaska, a band of survivors arrive at a climate change facility during the final days of a long period of extended daylight. The inhabitants of the research compound are trying to determine the nature of a strange object found in the ice when the survivors arrive, leading to a frightening and bloody confrontation between humans and vampires and an odd and unexpected guest!”

Anyone who is a fan of horror comics known’s how important the original 30 Days of Night was to the genre. The original was a terrifying experience, showcasing just how frightening a vampire attack would actually be. While it may seem that nothing could compare to the original, these guys would be the ones who could do it. Lansdale has won multiple awards for his work in horror fiction and, and is no stranger to the genre. This book has the potential to live up to the original, here’s to hoping.

Hundred Penny Press: 30 Days of Night #1

WRITTEN BY: Steve Niles

“A single dollar will get you the original tale of vampiric terror that started it all off! 30 Days of Night put IDW on the comics-publishing map and established Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith as creative forces to be reckoned with. Now, you can return to Barrow, or visit it for the first time, as the sun goes down on the remote Alaskan town… and then check out the next page for the latest bloody happenings in the 30 Days world!”

If you have not read this series, you absolutely must, here is your chance to start fresh, for only a buck. Seriously, this is one of the best horror comics out there. It takes place in remote Alaska, so far north that the sun does not rise for 30 days (I get chills just writing about it!). Vampires take advantage of the 30 days of darkness as they feed on the defenseless townsfolk at will.

Chew #27

WRITTEN BY: John Layman
PRICE: $2.99

“’Space Cakes,’ Part Two 
Delivered from future! We jump ahead and show you exactly where Tony Chu is nine issues and two story arcs from now. Yes, CHEW presents its version of ‘One Year Later.’ A brilliant jumping on-point, or a pathetic cry for attention? You decide! Also: those frickin’ chogs return!”

With the news of Chew being adapted for a Showtime television show, expect to see a lot more of this one in your comic shops. Chew has already won an Eisner Award, so not much else needs to be said. It’s one of the hottest books out there right now. It follows an FDA agent who gets mental images from eating things, and then uses them to solve crimes.

Hack/Slash #4

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley
PRICE: $3.50

“The first story arc comes to brutal, bloody end! Some will live, some will die, and some will be short a few pieces! Two slashers! A whole bunch of victims! And a new status quo for HACK/SLASH!”

Hack/Slash follows a hot girl and her disfigured friend who hunt down killers known as ‘slashers’ (from slasher flicks). This book is a horror fan’s wet dream and rarely does it disappoint. Even if you are not into comics and you just love horror films, chances are you will also love this book as it reverts many tropes seen in the slasher genre.

Undying Love #2

WRITTEN BY: Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman
PRICE: $2.99

“To save Mei from her vampire curse, John Sargent sets out to destroy the infamous Shang-Ji. His first stop: Club G-Boss, nightclub, casino and notorious vampire hangout. But after being bitten himself, Sargent is forced to contend with a curse of his own.”

The recent vampire craze has become more than just a craze; it has become an obsession, with publishers in all mediums pumping out as many vampire tales as they can. It not only seems increasingly difficult to find a fresh take on the blood-sucking undead, it seems next to impossible. However, Undying Love offers a semblance of hope for vampire lore. This comic is graphic, dark, has very little dialogue, and the vampires do not sparkle in the twilight. It’s like Punisher meets Underworld, and it is a beautifully bloody book.

Netherworld #1 (of 5)

WRITTEN BY: Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Tony Shasteen and Dave McCaig
PRICE: $3.99

“Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Heroes and Villains Entertainment present the next evolution of supernatural noir! It’s the message on the walls. It’s the feeling in your gut. In this city, ‘We are all lost.’ Ray certainly is; a former cop turned private eye and junkie, haunted by his past in a city with no sun and no hope. A beautiful woman and a slick criminal both offer him the same job: Find a girl named Madeline and bring her to them. Ray doesn’t want the job, but he can’t just leave this girl in the middle. Thrust into the city’s twisted underbelly, Ray will unveil Netherworld’s darkest secrets and come face-to-face with his past.
Beware, Ray. If you seek the truth, you just might find it. From masters of supernatural terror comes a haunting supernatural noir epic like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

Before my bias for this one gets in the way I should preface this by saying that I love crime and pulp fiction, especially the older stuff like Mickey Spillane and Raymond Chandler. I have waited a long time for a noir comic (other than Sin City) that stuck to the themes of noir fiction; a hard-boiled detective, the femme fatale, and a corrupt city that will outlast even the heroes best efforts. While I don’t want to get my hopes to high for this one, based on how it looks, it may be the book detective lovers have been looking for.

Northlanders #40

WRITTEN BY: Brian Wood
PRICE: $2.99

“In the middle of a long Scandinavian winter, a solitary hunter stalks the forest for what seems like weeks on end. His elusive prey starts to take on added significance as the hunter descends into helplessness and despair, to the point that the skills of even this seasoned outdoorsman are put to the ultimate test. Lavishly illustrated by Matthew Woodson, whose illustrations have appeared in Wired, Spin, Penthouse, Glamour and more, “The Hunt” is destined to be one of the most memorable Northlanders stories to date.”

A great jump-on-board point if you have not been following this Vertigo book. This is one of the heavier reads out there, and it fits with the books epic themes. Maybe its my current obsession with the new HBO series “Game of Thrones”, but I recently went back and looked at my old Northlanders books, and they make you want to live in the Viking age. At some points, you may want to throw down the book and pick up a bow and arrow and kill the squirrel in your yard.

Deadman Vol.1 (Trade Paperback)

WRITTEN BY: Arnold Drake, Jack Miller, and Neal Adams
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, and George Roussos
PRICE: $19.99

“Master comics artist Neal Adams illustrates the original adventures of deceased, revenge-driven hero Deadman, one of the heroes of BRIGHTEST DAY, from STRANGE ADVENTURES #205-213. These are the stories that introduced costumed high-wire performer Boston Brand, who is assassinated by an unknown marksman in his first adventure, only to return when mysterious deity called Rama Kushna gives him a mission: find his murderer!”

Deadman’s latest stints in Blackest Night and Brightest Day have recreated him as an extremely important hero in the DC universe. Those of you who don’t know what Blackest Night or Brightest Day are…have you been living under a rock? This collected volume offers Boston Brand’s high-wire origin tale, and it is a must have for any fan of recent DC events.



WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson
PRICE: $12.99

“The film that changed horror forever continues here! Volume 4 of the series that connects the movie 28 DAYS LATER to its sequel 28 WEEKS LATER and focuses on fan-favorite character Selena! With the Infected still on the loose, just getting back into Great Britain was horrific. But to survive, Clint, Selena and Derrick must make sacrifices they never thought possible. And those sacrifices cannot be ignored!”



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