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OMFG Of The Day #2: Announces 3 Brand Spankin’ New ‘Hatchet’ Themed Tees!

As I was sitting here writing up today’s batch of news, and had thought that I had already seen the absolute coolest thing that there was in my inbox for the day, all of a sudden our friends over at sent over this juicy little tid-bit of news that we could not resist bringing you. Today it has been formally announced that the horror themed clothing company will be partnering up with Ariescope Pictures to bring fans exclusive tees themed after some of the companies’ most popular horror flicks. The first? Adam Green’s “HATCHET”! Inside you can check out the specs for all three of the shirts and get all the details. Read on for the skinny…

Official Press Release…

“If you’re a fan of writer/director Adam Green, then I have got some great news for you.
Today I am proud to announce that Fright-Rags has signed an exclusive license for
all films produced by Adam Green and his company ArieScope Pictures, makers of
Hatchet, Hatchet II, Frozen, and more.

All of this came about a couple months ago when I received an email from Adam
regarding the shirts he was currently selling on the ArieScope website. They were
getting swamped with orders and were looking for someone to take it over and
thought Fright-Rags would be a perfect fit. After a short discussion, we ended up
signing an exclusive deal to not only sell their existing shirts, but to produce our
own kick-ass shirts for all of his films. Here is what Adam had to say about the deal:

“Fright-Rags has a great reputation and most importantly to me, they’re very well
respected and liked by the fans on the convention circuit. All of us at ArieScope
Pictures are thrilled to hand them over the keys to our original T-shirt designs and
we’re excited to see what new designs Fright-Rags has in store for our films down the line.”

I can tell you that we’ve already got some crazy ideas for new designs based on
Hatchet and Frozen so expect to see those being rolled out later this year. In the meantime,
check out three new (well, new to us) designs we’re releasing today. These were originally
sold on through ArieScope Pictures, but are now being produced and sold exclusively through us.”

All Three ‘HATCHET’ T-Shirts Are Available NOW From! (MSRP – $19.95)



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