Leatherface Signed on for One More?!

Cujo writes in from the Fango convention, “I can confirm that Alex Vincent in Seed of Chucky news as well. I went to Fangoria’s weekend of horrors. I talked to him after – I couldn’t believe how grown up he is! – and he said he’s talking to the director about reprising his role as we speak. It’s in the works. I also met Andrew Bryniarski who plays leatherface in Texas Chainsaw, who told me he’s signed to do another film. different case this time he says, new setting, much scarier. but put his finger on his lips in a ‘shoosh’ motion to say he can’t reveal anything… and as you may have already heard, there was a bit noise going on for selma blair when she announced that she’s ‘this close’ to doing the new Superman movie. that ain’t horror – but it could’ve been!