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Top Cow Unveils First Look At This Year’s ‘Pilot Season’ With ‘Fleshdigger’!

Last year Top Cow and scribe Robert Kirkman (“THE WALKING DEAD”) blew us away with their monthly “PILOT SEASON” one-shots. Stories like “DEMONIC” and “MURDERER” still stand to this day as some of the single best books we have read in the past couple of years from the publisher, and this October Top Cow will be returning to the series with the horror-laced, “FLESHDIGGER”. Below you can get all the details on the new one-shot and a first look at the cover art…

WRITTEN BY: Shannon Eric Denton and Brad Keene

“A random act of kindness can be damning. When a man witnessed the ruthless beating of an innocent woman, he rushed to help her and was brutally murdered for his trouble. Now driven by revenge, sorrow, and guilt, the woman enacts arcane forces to resurrect him. From out of the earth he’ll rise, a twisted, worm-riddled monstrosity forced to carry out vengeance to maintain whatever life he has left, all while confronting the unimaginable truth of his new, hideous existence. Is he forever damned to be a rotting monster driven by an insatiable bloodlust…or is it possible to shed the curse and return to normal? The torment belongs to the living nightmare they’ll call Fleshdigger. God help anyone who gets in his way!”

“PILOT SEASON: FLESHDIGGER” Drops October 26th From Top Cow Comics! (MSRP – $3.99)



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