Bloody-Disgusting VS The Boston Herald

Bloody-Disgusting delivered a deadly blow via the internet this past weekend by knocking out self-proclaimed Hollywood know-it-all Stephen Schaefer – who writes for various media outlets including The Boston Herald – in the first round of a web brawl. The “King of Hollywood” (which is what I like to call him now) fired on yours truly by questioning the validity of my quotes on “The Ruins” TV Spots as if either I somehow don’t really exist, or invented my review posted here on this lovely website. We attacked back (read EVERYTHING on my official blog) only to watch him whimper in defeat. Does he have a response? I’m going to go with NO. But I’d love to see him try and clean this egg of his stupid face. How can you write about movies and not even understand how everything works? D-yikes!

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