The Prelude To The End Of Pak's Smashing Final Issue Of 'Hulks' Arrives This Week! - Bloody Disgusting!

The Prelude To The End Of Pak’s Smashing Final Issue Of ‘Hulks’ Arrives This Week!

Last week we brought you a first look inside the final issue in Greg Pak’s “INCREDIBLE HULKS” monthly, but you might have been asking yourselves “just what the hell happened to issue #634?!”. Well fear not loyal readers, because Marvel didn’t jump the shark (or a number), and inside you can get a 4 page preview of the ish that hits shelves this Wednesday. Read on for the skinny…

COVERS BY: Paul Pelletier

“”Heart of the Monster” continues.

Will Bruce Banner become a man literally torn apart by desire? An actual wishing well continues to wreak havoc as the Hulk and his compatriots’ deepest, darkest wishes all come true. But what happens when the desires of Team Hulk begin to clash, much less the desires of the Hulk against Banner’s? After all the titanic beatings, sensational smashing and… questionable romantic liaisons, will there be anyone left standing after everyone gets everything they’ve ever wanted?”

“THE INCREDIBLE HULKS” Issue #634 Drops August 10th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP – $3.99)