Brittany Snow Snubs Horror Websites on ‘Prom Night’ Red Carpet

Last night we shipped B-D reporter SpookyDan off to cover the red carpet premiere of Sony Screen Gems’ Prom Night remake. You guys know how we feel about the film, but yet there we were, standing on the red carpet, willing to chat with these people just for the readers who are dying to see this PG-13 film. Only something INSANE happened – the horror websites were all snubbed by leading lady Brittany Snow! Read on for pics from the red carpet and for a bit from Mr. Spooky.
Last night I rocked the red carpet premiere of Screen Gems’ PROM NIGHT. In truth I am very intrigued by the marketing and the PG-13 nature of the film, but my expectations were decidedly low before I saw the film. Prom Night stars Brittany Snow, that girl next door looking chick that used to be on American Dreams, and went on to do a few films like John Tucker Must Die and Hairspray. Now I know as well as you do that she is the lead in the film and certainly commands a multi million dollar film opening, but the fact is that she is still has a long way to go before she becomes a house-hold name. My point to this is that she snubbed yours truly AND other websites on the carpet. They ushered her right past us as her handlers tried to get her inside the theater to see the film, and if that actually happened I wouldn’t gripe about it. But then as soon as she passed up the “horror” press spots, she stopped to talk to the next bunch of press, then went to the entrance and hung out for another 5 minutes before even entering the building.

We your humble (or not so humble) servants are at each and every event to cover it so YOU our loyal readers can keep current with the goings on in the horror world. I love doing horror press, but any reader of Bloody-Disgusting will agree that Prom Night is not really a film for the hardcore horror fans. So the fact that we showed up and give the film press is enough reason to have the lead actress stop by and say a sentence or two about the film. I know I sound like I am whining, but come on, they confirmed that we would talk to her, and confirmed us spots to interview her, yet she doesn’t hold up her end of the deal by walking right past the horror sites. Honestly, would YOU want to cover the red carpet for this film? Neither did I, but it’s part of the job, and I know that some people are interested in it, even if I personally am not. So whatever… here are some stills from the red carpet.