NECA Teases Possible Strode Figure, New Evil Dead Packs?

Today NECA responded directly to fans of their official MySpace page revealing some possible new upcoming figures. What are the chances of you guys doing a line of Horror Movie Girls (like) Sydney from Scream, Nancy from A Nightmare On Elm Street, a reader asks. Randy Falk responds, “We don’t have those licenses currently so it won’t happen anytime soon. I would put Halloween’s (Laurie) Strode at the top of the list though…” I’d love to see a Strode figure! Another piece of solid information shared is when a reader asked, “(Is there) anything more (planned) from the Army of Darkness license and does the license include anything from the first two Evil Dead movies?” Falk explains, “I hope we get to a Hero Ash and Possessed Sheila Two-Pack, but this year keeps getting more and more full…” Watch for more updates as they come in.

Source: MySpace