NECA’s 18″ Freddy Krueger is Corrected

Freddy won’t have to stand about an inch taller than all of your other 18″ beauties now that NECA is releasing a brand new 18″ Freddy Krueger figure form the Freddy vs Jason line. The figure is set to ship in April with a suggested retail for around $35-$40. If this sucker is a success, we’ll also being seeing an 18″ “Freddy vs Jason” version of Jason Voorhees sometime in the future! Read on for the full details.
Celluloid Shockers scored some awesome news from Randy over at NECA regarding an 18″ Freddy and 19″ Jason, “Freddy is about 18″ and is made in “scale” with the collection of other 18″ figures on the market. You will be happy to hear that our Freddy is more true to scale than the “giant” released a few years ago.

I weighed this decision heavily before deciding the final size. I hope that somewhere down the road we can do a FvJ version of Jason that would be 19″ or so and would be to scale with the new Freddy.

Freddy will have 2 different heads, the demon and regular heads. He also features a ball joint inside the wrist of his gloved hand and “speaks” 4 killer new phrases/sounds that should please every fan.

Source: NECA, Celluloid Shockers