Tarantino Talks ‘Kill Bill’ DVD and Sequel

Inside is a small interview Fox ran with Director Quentin Tarantino about why both films – Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 – were delayed until April, along with news on a possible sequel and why the DVD is so bare to the bones. Thanks to Cactus Jack for the heads up. Read on for all of the spoils.

Fox News writes, “Tarantino told me that we will not be seeing “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” until April instead of the planned February release. “To make that date I would have had to come back from promoting [‘Vol. 1’] and go right back into editing,” he said. “I had to take a break.”

In that time, a DVD for “Vol. 1” will be released with a few extras, namely songs that were cut from the first chapter. “Eventually we’re going to have one big DVD with both movies,” he said. Other than the songs, though, “Vol. 1” will be a straight-ahead transfer to DVD.

More importantly, Tarantino is pondering more chapters in the series. “I’ve thought of prequels and sequels,” he said. “I had this great idea where we wait five years and come back not with the Bride as the main character, but Vernita’s (Vivica A. Fox) daughter as the main character. It would be fifteen years in the future, and the Bride (Uma Thurman) would be in a wheelchair.”

Source: Cactus Jack, Fox News