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One of the coolest things about writing about music for a website is getting to interview bands you really appreciate. Recently I got to catch up with Kristian Hallbert of Crime In Stereo to talk about to talk about their new album “I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone”.

Read on for the interview! Bloody-Disgusting: So how does it feel having your new album, “I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone” considered to be one of the top anticipated albums of the year?

Kristian Hallbert: Its an amazing feeling. We are all very proud of the new record and we are super excited that everyone seems to be taking such a liking to it.

B.D.: How was it working with producer Mike Sapone again? What’s it about his style that makes you guys keep him with your last 2 albums?

K.H.: This will be our 3rd LP with him actually. We have known him for years. He definitely brings out the best in us as far as our musicianship is concerned. Being a singer you need to feel comfortable and confident when recording and he definitely knows how to get me in the right state of mind, which in my opinion is priceless.

B.D.: Not trying to state the obvious but did you guys feel any amounts of pressure or did you know what you wanted out of this record having it follow such awesome record like “…Is Dead” and “Troubled Stateside”?

K.H.: Definitely, we consciously never want to create the same record we have done previously. Like any band we always want to improve on our past. With I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone’ we wanted to create a more live oriented record. ‘Dead’ was so much more of a studio album. By that i mean, we didn’t really think of how the songs would come off live. With the new record the songs are that much more energetic and grabbing live.

B.D.: What do you guys have planned this year as far as touring goes? Do you plan on going to other countries as well?

K.H: We will be everywhere this year. We will be in Europe this summer. We can’t wait. Its been so long since we’ve been over. Our goal for this year is to make sure that every kid that wants to see us, will definitely get the chance if not multiple chances.

B.D.: Since “…Is Dead” came out have you guys received attention from major labels? What keeps you away?

K.H.: We have had quite a few people interested in us. We try to keep focused on what is important. If someone believes in what we are doing , whether it be a major or an independent, we are definitely willing to work with them.

B.D.: As you know we are a horror website so would you mind giving us any of your top horror movies or any horror movies you’re looking forward to this year?

K.H.: The last horror movie i saw was definitely more of a horror comedy. Zombieland was definitely a favorite of mine this year. Aside from that I’ve always been a fan of the classics..

Crime In Stereo will be on tour now through mid March doing record release shows as well as a mini tour. Make sure to pick up “I Was Trying TO Describe You To Someone” out this Tuesday 2/23/2010


Feb 18 Crime In Stereo
United Kingdom @ Monto Water Rats
Feb 23 Crime In Stereo

New York City, NY @ Generation Records in store performance!
Feb 25 Crime
In Stereo

Westchester, PA @ The Note
Address: 142
East Market St.
Feb 26 Crime
In Stereo

New York City, NY @ The Studio At Webster Hall
Feb 27 Crime
In Stereo

Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
Mar 04 Crime
In Stereo

Altoona, PA @ Eldolyn Terrace
Mar 05 Crime
In Stereo

Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
Mar 06 Crime
In Stereo

Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
Mar 07 Crime
In Stereo

Covington, KY @ Parlour at Southgate House
Mar 09 Crime
In Stereo

Atlanta, GE @ Masquerade
Mar 10 Crime
In Stereo

Jacksonville, FL @ JackRabbits
Mar 11 Crime
In Stereo

Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
Mar 15 Crime In Stereo

Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talen Farm
Mar 16 Crime In Stereo

Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
Mar 17 Crime In Stereo

West Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
Mar 18 Crime In Stereo

Birmingham, AL @ Spring Street Fire House
Address: 412 41st
Street South, Birmingham AL 36117
Crime In Stereo
NC @ The Soapbox Laudrolounge
Address: 255 North Front Street,
Wilmington NC 28401
Crime In Stereo
NC @ Legitimate Business



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