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The Fall Of Troy Sadly Call It Quits



For almost a decade The Fall Of Troy have created music I can only think to call psychedelic hardcore, I’m not one for titles but that’s the best way I can describe it. The first time I heard about this band was back in ’04 and it was their “Ghostship EP” that landed in my hands, needlessly to say I was super impressed. Fast forward to now and like most bands that are awesome The Fall Of Troy are throwing in the towel. The following statement was released by guitarist/singer Thomas Erak:

“After nearly 9 years, 5 full-lengths, 2 bass players, hundreds of
shows, and numerous other achievements and follies, Andrew, Frank, and I
have decided to end our career as The Fall of Troy… 

Read on for the full statement!

“This band
has been my life, my love, the air I breathe, the food I eat, and what
helps me sleep (and sometimes keeps me up) at night. I love and cherish
the music we’ve made, the times we’ve had, and all the great friends
we’ve met along the way. Andrew, Frank, and of course Tim, will always
and forever have a special place in my heart. But it has come time for
us to call it a day. After everything’s said and done, there is no
drama, there is no blow out, it’s simply the three members of this band
are on three different paths in our lives.

“I always hold true to
the fact that it’s better to go out in style, to ride off into the
sunset, than go down in flames. This tour coming up with Envy On The
Coast and Twin Atlantic will be our last go round, and we really hope
that all of you will come out and celebrate what has been so unreal and
unbelievable – let’s dance one last time!

“We would really like
to thank everyone that’s ever been involved with the band, managed the
band, booked a show for us, let us eat your canned food, sleep on your
floor, asked us for a picture, caught me when I’ve almost been dropped,
put out a record for us, driven us through a late night drive thru, or
anything else any of you could possibly look back on and enjoy what this
band was…Fun.

“So make sure you come out to ‘The Marked-Men of
2010 Tour’ as it will be our last hurrah! We love you, and will be
giving as much love as you’ve given to us at these shows. So that’s
that! We love you with all our hearts, thank you from the very bottom of
them, and goodbye comrades.”

It saddens me to see such an awesome band become a memory but it’s probably for the best. If you’ve never seen The Fall Of Troy I encourage all of you to see them. For tour dates go to their myspace: give them the proper farewell they deserve.


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