Toy Review: Subject 805: Tactical Containment Unit Operator

As The Dead continues to multiply in number and in notoriety, Sideshow continues to investigate new possibilities in the realm of undead reanimation while the DNAgent struggles to prevent future apocalypse… Be Ready! Today new B-D reporter ‘The Undead Comic’ reviews Sideshow Collectibles 12 inch figure, Subject 805: Tactical Containment Unit Operator. Read on for the skinny.

Subject 805: Tactical Containment Unit Operator
12 Inch Figure – Sideshow Collectibles
Skull Rating 5 out of 5

Simply put, for the collecting dollar no other line of undead figures has proved it’s worth like Sideshows The Dead but even putting aside collectability they just eat the competition alive when it comes to overall appearance, accessories and uniqueness. I just love these things. So much so in fact that I’ve even thought about getting hold of the one or two exclusives still available on the secondary market. If Sideshow continues to manage the line as well as they have thus far they should have no trouble staying on top.

Don’t get me wrong Neca has done well with the smaller Dawn of the Dead figures. Who wouldn’t want a Flyboy, or a Hare Krishna? And Fearwerx/EMCE Toys is right around the corner with their 12 inch Night of the Living Dead line. Heck I even liked SOTAs 3 figure Land of the Dead set which, when combined, allowed you to reconstruct a victim piece by piece. But Sideshow is the only company that seems to understand zombie fans don’t need a movie franchise to underwrite the purchase and slow collection of a well made large scale zombie themed action figures. Besides the incredible freedom this gives Sideshows creative team it’s also a heck of a lot more cost effective. Wonder why the NECA 12 inch Shaun is the only other 12 inch zombie figure on the market? It’s called licensing folks. The bigger the doll the bigger the cut (generally speaking) that goes back to the rights owners. Sideshow has no such worries.

This latest entry is the most fun one yet. Subject 805 is a military themed zombie complete with all the expected accessories- not that he probably makes much use of his guns these days. Ironically of the entire Sideshow The Dead line Subject 805 may be armed but hardly to the teeth. Seems that becoming a zombie involved the ripping away of his lower jaw and the gnawing off of his left hand to about mid forearm. For sheer gore this beats all the other zombie figures I’ve seen hands down and the posability is awesome.

And as always the specs here are to die for.

All new zombie portrait and ‘hands’
Fully articulated body with 30+ points of articulation
Detailed clothing, including full tactical containment team uniform
M-92 Pistol
Radio with Battery and Headset
Aerial Surveillance Photos
Triage Cards
‘Be Ready’ Shooting Target
Radio with Battery and Headset
Map & Blueprint Set
12″ figure display stand with a print of ‘The Dead’ logo

Many of you will recognize the hanging tongue look and might be tempted to fault Sideshow for a lack of creativity. Personally I think a ripped off jaw is a ripped off jaw not something you can easily copyright. What this figure really proves is that gorehounds don’t have to limit themselves to the smaller scale action figs anymore.

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