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Vampires Everywhere! Share Their Favorite Horror Movies

Century Media band Vampires Everywhere! was kind enough to share their Top 10 Horror Movies with Vampires Everywhere! will be releasing a 2-song EP, ‘Lost in the Shadows’, on April 13th which will be available at all 685 Hot Topic retail stores. Their first full-length release will be out sometime this summer. You can check out their MySpace HERE.

The video for Immortal Love is currently on heavy rotation on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball, Havoc TV and will be on Fuse On Demand in May. It was directed by Scott Hansen (A Day to Remember, Alesana, Skylit Drive, Carnifex)

Read on for Vampires Everywhere! Top 10 Horror Movies!

1. The Lost Boys – This movie inspired us so much we named our band after the comic book given to the character Sam (played by the late & great Corey Haim) by the Frog Brothers. Our band quotes this movie everyday & two of us have Lost Boy tattoos. 
2. The Devils Rejects – This movie was amazing. I know a ton of critics hated it because Rob Zombie made it but hell we loved it. Plus, Sheri Moon is amazing! 
3. Fright Night – This movie was amazing! We loved the comedy mixed with horror, plus the vampire in this movie was badass. I think it was a classic vampire film to say the least mixed with an 80’s spin.  
4. Signs – the suspense of the first sighting is strung along until a moment that it really gives you the chills. It highlights the ignorance of humans not paying attention to ominous warnings mixed w/ a touch of religious destiny.
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning – This was an amazing movie with all the horror movie elements: Blood, Gore, a storyline, & an amazing horror figure that scared the S#%@%#@t out of you! Leatherface is everybody’s nightmare & the rest of his family is not far behind. 
6. The Last House On The Left – Nothing is more horrifying then the rape of a virgin teenager! This movie made us lose our appetites for months. It wasn’t that scary, but it was definitely horrifying none the less. 
7. Let The Right One In – This movie was referred to us by our A&R Mike. At first we were like this movie is super slow and weird, but i have to say it grew on us 100 times over! The voice overs made it super creepy and the actors the director choose were amazing as well. We are looking into the book because it’s supposed to be 10 times better and has parts the movie left out.
8. Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Gary Oldman is amazing in this movie. The way he used Bela’s arrogance and mixed it with a new age freshness that made the character come to life each time he appeared in the film was amazing.The only down side to the film was Keanu. 
9. Jeepers Creepers – The creature in this movie was insane! A relentless killing machine that not only collected your skull but used your body parts to replenish his old ones. Every time that “Jeepers Creepers” song comes on it reminds us of the movie, which in turn makes our stomaches turn! 
10. A Nightmare On Elm Street – Robert England is genius in his portrayal of Freddy K. This movie still has us thinking twice before falling asleep. Also, Freddy’s sense of humor somehow made him equally more terrifying. 



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